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Global Cargo Handling & Aviation Services
- Swissport

yellow square ABOUT SWISSPORT

Swissport International Ltd. is the leading global airport and aviation service provider in terms of quality, reliability, safety, innovation and network coverage. Offering a comprehensive range of services, Swissport is able to provide an “all-inclusive” service package in addition to managing integrated collaboration models.


In order to achieve the goal of our mission, Swissport is focused on consolidating and strengthening our market position to ensure we are constantly driving industry innovation in key areas such as service, quality and reliability. Swissport is a people-focused organisation – without our people we simply cannot meet our goals and achieve our vision. As such, we focus on the principles of sustainability and compliance, living by the “Three Ps”:

• People
• Professionalism
• Partnership

The ongoing professional development of the people within the Swissport family ensures that:
• We show respect towards our people and their values; we do not compromise on safety and work with enthusiasm and enjoyment.
• We are pioneers; working constantly on achieving sustainable results, we creatively explore new options and improved solutions.
• Continually striving to exceed the expectations of our clients and our commitments,we deliver excellent service; in any place at any time.

yellow square KEY FIGURES

Revenue (not normalised) CHF 3.0 billion
Countries 45
Employees ~ 55,000
Flights handled (movements) > 3.9 million
Cargo handled (tonnes) > 4.1 million
Warehouses > 120
Airports served > 263
Customers > 700


• Strong business fundamentals, with competitive pricing
• Innovation and flexibility with top reliability and high quality levels
• Responsive and direct organization Structures
• Global leverage through global account management
• Continuous growth in market share and diversification into airport-related services
• Hub management, outsourcing solutions and frame agreements
• Extensive knowledge in low-cost and no-frill products and services
• Customer Relationship Management


Whilst the Swissport service portfolio can begin from a single station, true partnership comes when Swissport provides the full management of our airline partner’s hub or base operations. Swissport HQ assumes professional project leadership from appointment through to the operational start, providing total reassurance for our customers during transition.

Experienced field managers from our global network support the implementation on site.

This solution encompasses vast commercial expertise from more than 700 customer airlines. Quality reassurance is given to our customers via the operational and leadership training of local staff and management. Commissioning Swissport with hub operations is both financially and operationally sensible for our customers. Swissport is a company with a proven track record in best practice, quality, and industry-leading processes and procedures in addition to our commitment to continuous innovation in service provision.

Key benefits for our customers:
• Cost – Reduction of handling rates and improved cost transparency with the conversion of handling costs from fixed to variable
• Quality – Improve and/or maintain quality of handling services with the implementation of the proven “Swissport Formula”
• Best Practice – Benefit from our experience at 255 airports
• Focus – The Hub & Base concept allows the airline to focus on their core business
• Partnership – Provides the full benefit of collaborating with Swissport as a strategic partner
• Expertise – Vast hub and base management experience in 18 stations around the globe


A proven model of standardizing managerial and operational processes.

This enables Swissport to deliver the highest service quality for our customers and to apply the same proven standards in all our Ground Handling and Cargo operations all over the world. The Swissport Formula has been derived from the best practices not only from our operation, but also from comparative industries. It ensures pro-active management at all operational levels and is focused on a KPI-driven performance culture, optimised resource utilisation, technical and managerial training and efficient operational processes. This approach enables continuous improvement in the stations through a change of mind-set and behaviour.

The Swissport Formula aims to change the company culture from a local understanding of the “Swissport way of doing things” to a global approach. The tried and trusted procedures are reinforced with the Swissport core values.

yellow square CARGO SERVICES

Swissport is the world’s leading Cargo Services provider, offering award-winning Cargo Handling at more than 109 airports worldwide, and handling in excess of 4.1 million tonnes annually. The cargo organisation is set up to allow global, regional and local representation at both sales and operational levels through its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) process, designed to improve the customer experience. Swissport Cargo is in the process of rolling out new technologies to improve the operational capabilities and allow the customer to experience cost savings throughout the contract period and have linked this process to Cargo 2000 (C2K) measurements across our network.

Our size and scope allows Customers to manage multiple operations through a single point of contact, one common Service Level Agreement (SLA), and one invoice if necessary, saving administration costs.

With daily monitoring of the key drivers of the business and tracking of the shipments in line with Cargo 2000 (C2K) standards, we have a transparent overview of our services that ensures service quality and enforces operational excellence. Implementation of hand-held terminals reduces human error and ensures an efficient operation, which allows customers to also benefit from reduced handling and cost. Daily follow-ups on hours worked, volumes handled, door waiting times and many other measures ensure a scorecard approach to the daily activity to further support the Cargo operations and help deliver efficient operations.

Swissport will continue to improve technology and interfaces for its customers and has many new and exciting advancements in production to minimise cost and improve operational readiness. We are also committed to improving the look and feel of our facilities as well as grow and develop new operations worldwide.

Some benefits of this approach to innovation include:
• Cargospot: The system used to manage our Cargo business, interfacing with any airline system.
• Freightfinder: Using the latest technology, Freightfinder allows you to track and trace your freight in any of our warehouses worldwide.
• Hand-Held Terminals: Swissport’s customers benefit from real-time status updates so shipments can be tracked and traced in our warehouses.
• SHIELD Document Imaging System: Capturing the entire flight pouch digitally solves the problem of missing documents.

yellow square OUTLOOK

The continued drive to grow with our customers and to ensure that we continue to deliver the highest quality handling in the most cost-efficient way is our prime focus in 2014. By leveraging the use of system-management and implementing innovative, solid operational and financial processes together with our customers, we will continue to enhance our prime position in cargo handling services. Our Global Account Management Team allows customers to benefit from full access to Swissport’s specialist resources, including the latest industry information and cutting-edge operating solutions designed to optimise the efficiency of customers’ handling processes. This specialised team provides our customers with peace of mind and an established confidential relationship to explore and develop new opportunities and strategies. This single point of contact allows quality consistency, open communication and increased transparency in the handling process. We tailor operations to the needs of our customers and create a suite of reports based on their information requirements both at operational and sales levels.

Detailed Cargo Services:
• Freight Handling (On/Off Airport)
• Mail Handling
• Document Handling (Import/Export)
• Integrator Handling
• Cargo Handling in a Third-Party Facility
• Freighter Ramp Services/ Transportation
• Outsourced Hub Operations
• and Management
• Network Handling Services (Off-Line)
• Call Centre and Airline Customer Services
• Trucking Services
• Warehousing
• e-Freight Services


The award-winning Swissport Ground Handling business currently provides passenger and ramp handling at over 192 stations worldwide and serves in excess of 224 million passengers per annum. Today, Swissport is recognised as the biggest independent global ground services provider with the largest number of hub and LCC base operations globally.

Swissport has the advantage of being able to exchange expertise and share best practice from all over the world – the benefit of which is seen in the Swissport Formula. Due to our global presence, operational practices and service innovations are being developed and implemented on an on-going basis.

Process and service optimisation through the use of information technology has been crucial to the success of Swissport. Our vast reach and network enables rapid adoption of the latest technologies that deliver efficiency and cost-effective operations on site. Using the benefit of both our experience and proprietary software for resource optimisation enables Swissport to develop rapid turnaround times without sacrificing quality of service.

Processes are documented and described in detailed operations manuals to ensure safe handling according to IATA standards (ISAGO / IGOM).

Our aim is to serve our airline customers in the most effective way whilst also being cognizant of individual needs and requirements of each of our customers.

yellow square OUTLOOK

Swissport is monitoring the development in automation in the area of ground service provision very closely. We constantly strive to reduce our production costs with the early integration of newly created features within our scope of activities.

The automation process is already quite developed in the area of passenger handling, including:
Fully automated passenger handling at check-in
Automated boarding processes

Swissport is also supporting working groups with our know-how in order to advance this same kind of automation in other areas as well, such as:
• Self-service devices at Lost & Found counters (already in place)
• Checked-baggage screening
• Central load control

Our well-established operational monitoring tools allow us to test every change in procedure and verify the impact of any deviation to the running process.

Swissport is an organization actively shaping the future for the benefit of our customers.

Detailed Ground Handling Services:
• Passenger & Ramp Services
• Baggage Services
• Ticketing Services
• Lost & Found Services
• Lounge Operations
• VIP Services
• Gate & Check-in Services
• Irregularity Handling
• Station Management & Control
• Load Control
• Crew Administration
• De-icing

yellow square OTHER KEY SERVICES

• Executive Aviation
• Fuelling Services
• Aircraft Maintenance
• Aviation Security
• Travel Services

yellow square KEY ACHIEVEMENTS

Swissport has been awarded the IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations for both our Corporate Headquarters and our Zurich Station, listed in the ISAGO registry.

Air Cargo Handling Agent of the Year 2014 Awarded to Swissport for the sixth year in succession at the World Air Cargo Awards 2014.

Awarded to Swissport at the prestigious Cargo Airline of the Year Awards 2013.

Silver Nozzle Trophy for the most outstanding airport fuelling organization in the United States for 2013 (Oakland International Airport)

Best Global Aviation Ground Services Company 2012 Awarded to Swissport 12 years in a row, by the Institute for Transport Management.

Awarded to Swissport for the second time in a row at the Air Cargo Africa 2013 Conference and Exhibition.

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