19th NOVEMBER 2015  
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State-of-the-art airline cargo management system developed by Qatar Airways to automate its end-to-end business processes
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02 Sep 2015 DOHA, Qatar – Qatar Airways has designed and implemented a next generation cargo management system named CROAMIS to manage its end-to-end airline cargo business processes. CROAMIS, Qatar Airways’ Cargo Reservations, Operations, Accounting and Management Information System, is a single system serving the airline’s entire global cargo network, designed to scale with the future growth expected.

CROAMIS has been developed in-house by Qatar Airways through an innovative co-funded model with global IT services provider Wipro. It is an integrated system that enables comprehensive automation of the airline’s core business functions and supports collaborative operations across the airline’s cargo supply chain. The system incorporates the latest practices in business functions including sales, pricing, cargo ground handling, and ULD Management.

CROAMIS provides an integrated revenue management module for inventory management, cargo load and revenue optimisation and also has a robust cargo revenue accounting suite. It has been developed using a platform independent state-of-the-art technologies, which facilitates modular deployment and is also cloud ready.

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IAG Cargo Completes Conversion to Accenture Air Cargo Reservation Software to Create More Flexible Reservations
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NEW YORK; Nov. 4, 2015 – IAG Cargo has successfully upgraded its cargo reservation technology with software from Accenture (NYSE: ACN) to help deliver more flexible reservation processes for all commercial cargo operations worldwide. Accenture Air Cargo Reservation software, part of the Accenture Air Cargo Suite, offers IAG Cargo improvements both in functionality and performance. IAG Cargo is using Accenture Air Cargo Reservation software to simplify booking procedures. The software allows users to take advantage of dynamic rule capabilities and is designed for flexible configuration with a powerful rules engine that can be adjusted as business requirements change. “With improved core booking and inventory management capabilities, Accenture Freight and Logistics Software enables us to be more flexible and efficient with our business processes,” said Gareth Sinclair, head of Revenue Management, IAG Cargo. “As a result, we can offer more options and better products and pricing for our customers, enabling us to be more competitive in the global market.” “Accenture’s software is allowing IAG Cargo to be more dynamic in running their business and improving both profitability and customer experience,” said Ganesh Vaideeswaran, managing director of Accenture Software for Freight & Logistics. “Our software methodology leverages decades of industry and technology experience which helps organizations like IAG Cargo lower implementation risk, scale fast and drive measurable business improvements.”

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Europe's Largest Temperature Controlled Air Freight Center Goes Live with Hermes
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Twenty years after the Perishable Center Frankfurt (PCF) became one of the first in a new generation of temperature-controlled warehouses, Europe's largest air freight centre has embraced new technology once again and has now gone live with the Hermes Cargo Management System (CMS).

PCF now have a cargo management system specifically tailored to their needs with built-in temperature checks, warehouse picking lists providing prioritised loading and hand-held Work Orders (Arbeitsaufträge) with the aim of supporting a completely paperless warehouse.

"The very nature of the shipments PCF handles means it is vital we can accept, breakdown and store in the correct location quickly and efficiently," says PCF Managing Director, Rainer Wittenfeld, "HERMES is a real-time system designed to easily support and drive this type of quick turnaround making it ideally suited to our operation."

HERMES Logistics Technologies, Product Director, Simon Elmore added, "We are delighted that PCF have chosen HERMES. This move into the cool chain sector shows how truly versatile the HERMES Cargo Management System is. HERMES is now running a number of varied operations worldwide ranging from small, single location warehouses to large networks, airline hubs and product specific facilities. With HERMES' new Work Orders innovation, the ability to define complex, product-specific processes without the need for extra development opens the HERMES world up even further."

The facility, which has 20 different temperature zones, is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and handles around 100,000 tones of perishable goods per annum. About Perishable Center GmbH & Co. Betriebs KG PCF Logo

The Perishable Centre (PCF) at Frankfurt Airport is Europe's largest air freight centre for temperature-controlled products, handling up to 700 tonnes of fresh produce each day.

Established in June 1995 it's first centre of its kind in Germany and Europe, the Perishable Center Frankfurt offers a specialised air freight transit service, ensuring product quality with a continuous cold chain and minimal transit times.

Shortly after arrival by plane, goods are transferred to the Perishable Center at Frankfurt Airport. This unique transit hub provides an excellent infrastructure and an ideal logistics service with more than 9000m² of storage space which includes 20 refrigerated storage areas.

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Celebrations at MTU: Clean Sky engine demonstrator running in the test cell
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Munich, November 11, 2015 - Clean Sky is the most ambitious EU funded aeronautical research program ever launched in Europe: More than 600 partners have joined forces to develop new, greener technologies for tomorrow’s aviation. MTU Aero Engines, Germany’s leading engine manufacturer, is a partner in the program, being responsible for an engine demonstrator that is now running in MTU’s test cell in Munich. The test campaign marks the culmination of MTU’s research activities, and the milestone was celebrated jointly with distinguished representatives from government, business, the Clean Sky Joint Undertaking, and research institutes.

Around 100 guests gathered in the pre-rigging room of test cell 3 to take a closer look at the demonstrator engine and to join in the celebrations. The demonstrator, dubbed SAGE 4 (Sustainable And Green Engines), is one of five Clean Sky engine demonstrators. “This demonstrator is based on advanced geared turbofan technology,” explained MTU Chief Operating Officer Dr. Rainer Martens. It is used to show the maturity of the newly developed technologies for low-weight constructions, designs and materials which will help increase the efficiency of future geared turbofan engines and at the same time reduce emissions and noise. MTU is concentrating its efforts on the low-pressure turbine and high-pressure compressor, two technology areas in which the company excels.

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