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Mercator Cargo Solutions
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Mercator is revolutionizing the way the world moves people and cargo. We build smart and powerful products that drive intelligence, predictability, and value into our customers’ business.

SkyChain is a next-generation air cargo platform for airlines serious about providing on-time performance, world-class customer service, and increased profitability. Across the entire freight supply chain, SkyChain’s open architecture is liberating customers from traditional legacy environments – giving them a newfound freedom to run their businesses with efficiency and profitability.
Robbie Anderson, President, United Airlines Cargo

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As the role of technology in air cargo management shifts from being a driver of efficiency to an enabler of fundamental innovation and disruption, SkyChain Airline is helping carriers drive intelligence, predictability, and value across the supply chain to re-define the air cargo landscape.

The need for faster transit times, greater reliability, and improved visibility in air cargo have never been greater. SkyChain Airline, Mercator’s next-generation air cargo management solution, delivers an end-to-end digital view of the supply chain, while enabling you to make faster, smarter business decisions based on real-time information.

Customers increasingly expect a higher level of engagement and a seamless air cargo experience. Deliver a convenient, consistent, and customercentric service by creating a digital conversation across a connected supply chain. Explore new ways to interpret data into information and insights, and in turn, significantly lower costs, heighten productivity, and boost your bottom line.

SkyChain Airline provides the scalability and industry-leading capabilities needed to manage your operations the way you want. Manage information and processes simultaneously and efficiently across your extended supply chain, freeing up more time for strategic priorities. Use the latest technologies to improve every facet of your operations, from sales and reservations to demand forecasting, capacity management, asset utilization, tracking and supply chain management, and customer service.

Key Benefits

• Maximized customer service levels with real-time visibility and insights across the supply chain
• Increased data quality by eliminating data entry errors and streamlining business processes
• Enhanced asset utilization through smart demand, supply, and capacity planning to optimize revenue

yellow square Revenue Planning

• Set tonnage and revenue targets
• Achieve forecast and demand planning
• Plan sales and monitor performance

yellow square Reservations, Capacity Control, and Capacity Management

• Segment flight capacity through a wide range of customizable parameters
• Reserve and allot space for different types of cargo
• Perform online checks for special cargo, embargoes good, loadability, and connection time discrepancies
• Monitor flights and gain a better view of possible operational disruptions
• View space availability and reserve via digital messaging channels
• Interface with passenger systems to determine cargo capacity gains
• Analyze and generate reports on pre and post flight revenue, yield, and load factor

yellow square Rate Management

• Perform automatic rating based on shipment details
• Maintain a hierarchy of tariff and other charges for various document types
• Enable upfront rating of shipments for better revenue control early in the life-cycle of shipments
• Save special prorate agreements and code share agreements
• Support ad-hoc or spot rate management
• Maintain Built Up Unit (BUP) tariff rates and charges (pivot, over pivot and overflow)
• Support multiple modes of payment in various currencies
• Deliver price quotations via messaging and e-channels

yellow square Revenue and Cost Management

• Define direct and indirect costs related to shipments
• Calculate revenues and costs automatically within the reservation process
• Prioritize shipments based on revenue
• Take long-term revenue management decisions by evaluating tariffs and allotments
• Support a pre-built interface that works with revenue optimization solutions
• Define spot and ad-hoc rates with workflows for better control

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