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Automated Manifest System
- Magaya Corporation

yellow square Filing Import Data to US Customs

When you need to notify US Customs of the cargo you are importing into the US, see how the Magaya AMS solution can help you.

yellow square The AMS Connection from Magaya Software:

The Magaya Automated Manifest System (AMS) is a fully-integrated solution that Magaya Corporation has developed in order to comply with manifest regulations implemented by U.S. Customs for air and ocean imports.

Magaya AMS is cost efficient since it eliminates the need to purchase expensive hardware or pay for services from a port authority or service center to transmit your data. Magaya Corporation has the communication infrastructure necessary for a stable, secure and bi-directional communication with U.S. Customs.

Similar to the AES system, Magaya AMS eliminates the need to retype information already stored in your company’s database using our auto-fill feature provided with the software.

A unique feature of the Magaya AMS is that the company performing the export shipment in the foreign country can send you all the required information electronically using the Magaya Network, eliminating the need to retype basic information, saving you time and money.

yellow square What is AMS?

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Automated Manifest System (AMS) is both an imported merchandise inventory control system and a cargo release notification system. An integral part of the Automated Commercial System (ACS), AMS interacts with other ACS systems such as Automated Broker Interface (ABI), the Cargo Selectivity system, and the National In-bond Control Program (Source: CBP website).

The Automated Manifest System (AMS) is designed for the electronic filing of shipping documents in advanced of the cargo arriving in the US to speed the flow of cargo. This reduces paperwork for both carriers and Customs by eliminating the paper manifest and in-bond document (CF-7512). As an AMS participant, you will gain multiple benefits such as greater control, better communication, and a shorter holding time for imported cargo. When using AMS, the release process can start before the cargo departed from the foreign country.

yellow square How Magaya AMS Helps File Air Waybills and More:

Magaya software offers both an air and ocean AMS connection to US Customs. Here are some details on the Air AMS solution:

The Magaya Air AMS solution allows carriers to “Arrive” an in-bond shipment and to file in-bond, permit to proceed, and local transfers electronically. The carrier obtains notifications of releases, in-bond authorizations, general order, permit to proceed, and local transfer authorization upon flight arrival or departure from the last foreign port. Air waybill data can be transmitted in any sequence. Carriers have the option to transmit bills at random or group them by flight. Amendments to any air waybill information can also be transmitted electronically through AMS. Magaya Air AMS solution increases data reliability and electronic enforcement hold capability by standardizing the way the trade community and the U.S. Customs Service communicate. The Magaya AMS solution offers the following features:

yellow arrow Send a Manifest for Regular and Express Inbound Shipments
yellow arrow Make Changes to an already submitted Manifest
yellow arrow Send a Flight Departure Message
yellow arrow Get Freight Status Notifications
yellow arrow Query the Freight Status
yellow arrow Request In-Bond Cargo Movements

yellow square Getting Started with AMS

To become an AMS participant, contact the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency. Each potential participant is sent a Respondent’s Checklist asking for information such as:

yellow arrow Direct arrival U.S. ports for your operations
yellow arrow Onward destination points where aircraft or vessels move on permits to proceed
yellow arrow Number of arrivals per month
yellow arrow Number of air waybills or master and house bills discharged per month for each port
yellow arrow Percentage of monthly air waybills/master bills per port that will move in-bond
yellow arrow Ports where you operate a bonded facility, with facility names and FIRMS codes.

Complete and return the checklist. A Client Representative will be assigned to work with your company and serve as technical advisor during testing and to provide assistance when needed.

In accordance with implementation of the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Information Systems Security Policy, all participants that transmit electronic data directly to CBP’s Automated Export System (AES) or Automated Commercial System (ACS) are required to have a signed Interconnection Security Agreement (ISA) on file with CBP.

For specific information on AMS, see the US Customs and Border Protection website at: www.cbp.gov

yellow square Understanding AMS Error Codes

The following links take you to the US Customs and Border Protection Website (www.cbp.gov) where the latest error codes and their definitions can be found for Air and Ocean Automated Manifest System (AMS) errors:

yellow arrow Air AMS Error Code descriptions

yellow square About Magaya Corporation:

Magaya Corporation started in 2001 with the values of innovation, constant improvement, and serving our customers. The first software product we launched was the Magaya Cargo System, designed specifically for freight forwarders, NVOCCs, logistics providers, warehousing and DCs, importers, exporters, and others in the logistics industry. As we’ve grown, we’ve expanded to create supply chain software to serve the end-to-end needs of procurement, pricing, inventory control and more.

Our philosophy is to help companies succeed by offering a complete and flexible package that is cost effective and designed to grow with you. For small-to-medium companies, Magaya software provides the cost efficiencies necessary to stay competitive with the big players. For larger companies with multiple locations, the software is robust enough to handle high shipment volumes, rapid transaction traffic, and multiple users in different countries, time zones, and currencies.

yellow square Contact Magaya Corporation for more details:

Please let us know how we can help you streamline your air Customs filing processes. Visit our website or call us:

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