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KN PharmaChain on Airfreight
- Kuehne + Nagel

yellow square Game-changing innovation for the moments that matter

At Kuehne + Nagel, developing solutions is a passion. With continuous improvement as a driving force, we strive to advance the frontiers of logistics with innovations that will open up new possibilities for our customers, and provide total confidence in the integrity, reliability and robustness of their supply chain processes. And with KN PharmaChain, we have once again introduced an innovation that is setting new industry standards and providing real added value.

KN PharmaChain, developed in close cooperation with customers and partners, is a specialised supply chain service designed primarily for the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry. Responding swiftly to global regulations and compliance standards is at the heart of our strategy – with every KN PharmaChain station fully GXP compliant by the end of 2012.

In addition, KN PharmaChain provides configurable levels of shipment monitoring, real-time visibility, and proactive intervention in line with your specific business needs. KN PharmaChain is the practical choice for all critical general cargo, as well as temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical and healthcare shipments.

Kuehne + Nagel provides integrated, end-to-end logistics solutions to the world‘s major industries, and to some of the world’s largest and best known companies. As KN PharmaChain shows, our dedicated industry specialists understand the unique features that drive their sectors and determine their individual supply chain needs.

Choose the partner who will wholly support and fulfill your expectations of professional expertise, quality and trust. Give your valuable shipments the first class treatment by placing them in the hands of a global leader who will always respond instantly in the moments that matter

KN PharmaChain img

yellow square Mapping the future direction of logistics

The pharmaceutical and healthcare industry faces great challenges: stricter regulation, increasing R&D and supply chain costs, and patent expiry. With growing expectations for temperature-controlled transportation, the consequence of error or omission is magnified. Kuehne + Nagel has designed KN PharmaChain to take a holistic view of the logistics process, allowing us to customise our services to every specific product requirement.

Compliance and risk mitigation
Our extensive global network provides GXP compliant facilities and trained staff. Protocols have been developed for each and every KN PharmaChain operation:
• Strictly assessed, first-class carrier partners ensure shipments arrive on time and undamaged
• All shipments fully compliant with IATA Chapter 17
• Risk assessments for all KN PharmaChain trade lanes
• Active/passive packaging solutions selected from global preferred supplier base if specific hazard identified
• All movements overseen by the Cargo 2000 process.

KN PharmaChain img

Standard Operating Procedures
All shipments/operations have customised SOPs to ensure:
• Specific shipment requirements are defined and documented e.g. temperature control, trade lane requirements, escalation procedures
• High standards maintained and agreements observed.

Reliability and visibility
Global 24 hour door-to-door track and trace provided by our KN Login application, enabling customers and authorised staff to view:
• Planned/actual shipment status
• Electronic copies of critical shipment documentation
• Temperature/voltage levels of an active temperaturecontrolled ULD at predefined key milestones.

Advanced Technology
Wireless sensors monitor in-transit temperatures door-to-door – from pick-up to delivery
• Real-time temperature data, globally available
• Configurable alarms trigger predefined response to temperature deviations, protecting product quality.

Highly Trained and Proactive CareTeam
With the expertise of our Global CareTeam, you can trust Kuehne + Nagel to manage and deliver consignments according to your precise requirements:
• Operating worldwide – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
• Highly skilled, GXP compliant pharmaceutical and healthcare professionals
• Advanced monitoring of location, status and condition of your temperature-sensitive shipments.

Industry expertise and product knowledge are critical. For this reason, Kuehne + Nagel has award-winning continuous training programmes in place, developed in collaboration with our customers. Kuehne + Nagel was the first qualified Envirotainer provider (QEP) and maintains the largest number of QEP accredited locations of any logistics provider.

KN PharmaChain img

Exception Management
Should a milestone be missed, or a reading fall outside a predefined range, an alarm is triggered. The CareTeam drives an agreed escalation and contingency plan in which all necessary corrective action is taken. We will make any practical intervention to maintain the integrity of your shipment and to ensure that transit times are met. This could be a simple battery replacement, as new flight booking or the arrangement of temporary, temperature-controlled storage.

Advanced Facilities: KN COOLZONES
All Kuehne + Nagel facilities comply with the highest industry standards to ensure faultless transportation of everykind of temperature-sensitive, pharmaceutical and healthcare shipment. KN PharmaChain introduces a new level of dedicated facilities: KN CoolZones.

Served by our own fleet of temperature-regulated trucks and carefully selected subcontractors, KN CoolZones enable us to offer you stringent temperature control throughout the supply chain:
• Pharmaceutical and healthcare dedicated
• GDP compliant
• Multiple temperature zones
• Shipment build-up, cross-docking, consolidation and emergency storage of all temperature-controlled shipments.

yellow square Four service levels to cater for variable handling and temperature needs

Level 1: No special handling requirements or temperature control
Level 2: Time-sensitive shipment where passive packaging provides all required temperature control
Level 3: Time & temperature-sensitive shipment where passive packaging and temperature-controlled handling and transportation is required
Level 4: Temperature-sensitive shipment using an active temperature-controlled ULD

yellow square KN PharmaChain pharmaceutical shipment from Indianapolis to Singapore

KN Pharma Chain

yellow square KN PharmaChain at a glance

• GXP compliant network spanning all continents
• Risk mitigation by using selected audited carriers and rigorous trade lane assessment
• Dedicated SOP for e very single shipment
• Real-time temperature monitoring with wireless sensors enabling full visibility
• Dedicated CareTeam working for you 24/7/365

yellow square Your KN PharmaChain User Benefits Include

• Reduced regulatory concern from superior compliance
• Greater peace of mind through increased reliability
• Less time spent resolving day-to-day operational issues
• Reduced product losses as a result of enhanced visibility and traceability
• Total cost of product ownership optimised, including logistics expenditure
• Patient needs met through products arriving at the right time and in the right condition

yellow square KN PharmaChain on Overland

To read more, download the pdf here

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