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Logistics and Airport IT Solutions
- Kale Logistics

yellow square Company Profile :

Kale Logistics Solutions Private Limited is a leading IT solution provider focused on the Logistics and Airports industry. Its broad solution spectrum ranges from ‘Community Platform Solutions’ that that help various players in the logistics value chain from shipper to consignee to communicate and transact with each other electronically  to 'Enterprise Solutions' that help automate internal operations, accounting and external communications for all supply chain entities. The company has the distinction of creating and implementing India’s first multi-modal cargo community system. Kale Logistics’ solutions serve the entire spectrum of the Logistics industry viz. Freight Forwarders, Customs brokers, Container Freight Stations / Container Depots, 3PL, Warehouse operators, Transportation Providers, Airport Cargo Terminal Operators and Ground handling agents. Awarded as the “Best SCM IT Provider” by several forums consistently over last 4 years, Kale Logistics works very closely with leading Industry Associations in defining and implementing process and technology standards across the logistics industry.

Today we are serving 200+ clients worldwide including Leading airport cargo Ground Handlers worldwide which include two of world’s top 5 Airport Ground Handling Agents, Leading CFS & ICDs, Customers from Mexico, Tanzania, CIS, Canada; Chile; Costa Rica; Guatemala; Mexico; Panama; United States Of America, Saudi Arabia, Middle East & Africa.. Our Cargo Community Systems are being used by world’s largest forwarder alliance and India’s only IATA recognized air cargo agent’s body- ACAAI. With over 150 man years of experience and a global partner network, Kale's IT solutions and next generation electronic collaboration platforms are designed to unify the entire logistics industry.

yellow square Cargo Community Platform

Universal Platform for Logistics & Integrated Freight Transport - UPLIFT

UPLIFT is a pioneering initiative in creating a cargo community platform (Check UPLIFT CASE STUDY) ( also published in Supply Chain Study by Kellogg’s Management school ) which enables the Freight Forwarding (FF) and Custom Broker organizations to electronically communicate within themselves and with other stakeholders like Shippers, Consignee, Airports, Seaports, Airlines, Transporters, Customs and chambers of commerce. UPLIFT is a multi-modal single window platform for facilitating seamless movement of information across the Air and Ocean Cargo supply chain.


Kale Logistics - Uplift

yellow square CORVI | ERP for Cargo Agents

Kale’s Integrated Freight Management System- CORVITM is an enterprise-wide robust application designed to meet the end-to-end business needs of a freight forwarder. The functionality rich CORVITMapplication caters to the business needs from order to cash. It comprises of Sales and CRM, Multi-modal transport operation, documentation, MIS, configurable pro-active alerts and an integrated Billing module for. A customer portal ensures that the Freight Forwarder is able to deploy technology in interacting with its customers. CORVITM provides real time shipment visibility to operational users and complete business visibility to senior and middle managements through various intelligent reports.


Kale Logistics - CORVI

yellow square GALAXYTM | Airport Cargo Management Solution

GALAXYTM is a web-based airport cargo management solution that brings in collaboration, planning and process integration in cargo terminal operations. It caters to the needs of Custodians (Cargo Terminal Operators) and Ground Handling Agents (GHAs). Check GALAXY Case Study.

GALAXYTM CUSTODIAN module automates the Customs custodian processes and provides an automatic interface with several customs department for cargo clearance. It also allows authorized stakeholders access to check cargo clearance status. Working in tandem with cargo ground handling solutions or modules like GALAXYTM GHA, it completely automates the custodian functions, reducing paperwork and the time consumed in manual processes.

GALAXYTM GHA is a state-of-the-art ground handling module which automates the operational processes and provides quick and comprehensive information on consignment status, cargo tracking and terminal operations to Airport customers as well as the management. It has several modules for Export, Import, ULD, Warehousing, Delivery, SLA, Billing and Domestic Operations.


Kale Logistics - Galaxy

yellow square HELIOS| Transportation Management System for Airports

HELIOS TRANS is a web based tool that supports all types of business models like Full truck load (FTL), Project cargo movement, trailer movement, Less than Truck Load (LTL), Express Cargo Delivery, Parcel Delivery, Local delivery and Crossing. A customer self-service portal assures the customers of readily available information at all times on – tracking, invoice, complaints, enquiry, rates, E-POD, Octroi receipts & MIS. The system helps transportation service providers to manage the entire business life cycle including vehicle request, placement, delivery and billing. HELIOS TRANS helps transportation companies to manage contracts with customers as well as vendors.

HELIOS FLEET helps to manage all the activities from trip sheet, driver settlement, fuel tracking, turnaround time of vehicle, tracking, billing to attach or market vendor and financial control over fleet hub. It can be integrated with an ERP to provide a seamless solution. It is a web based comprehensive fleet management solution to manage all aspects of the fleet business. It also can be integrated with GPS systems to provide real time visibility of vehicle positions and their status. HELIOS FLEET is designed to cater to the needs of Fleet Owners and Operators. It is a feature rich solution covering Trip Sheet, Job sheet management, Route Cost Management and Finance & Accounts.


Kale Logistics -  Helios

yellow square PYXIS | Warehouse Management System for Airports

PYXIS helps to manage all the warehouse activities starting from the arrival of cargo, storage, location management and dispatch. PYXIS can be integrated with leading ERP solutions to provide a seamless solution. PYXIS is a readily configurable system in which the user can define the location rules, package types, picking rules, shipment procedures, packaging techniques, and all other significant details regarding warehouse operations. PYXIS optimizes these tasks based on detailed algorithmic rule engines. These extensive PYXIS functions are available to improve the distribution centre's operations by minimizing costs and increasing productivity.

PYXIS is a rule-based system and it enables manufacturers, distributors and retailers to more effectively optimize their day-to-day warehouse activities, improve space utilization, lower their inventory carrying costs and boost manpower productivity, thereby improving the bottom line.


Kale Logistics - Pyxis

yellow square UPLIFT| Airport Community System

Web based e-freight / e-AWB enabler for the airport

UPLIFT is an off-the-shelf airport community system successfully working in India. It eliminates multiple levels of data entry efforts across the supply chain. A multi-modal unified electronic collaboration platform, it enables interactions between Airport GHA/ CTO and all the cargo stakeholders including forwarders Carriers, Shippers, Customs & others statutory bodies.


Kale Logistics - Uplift

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For more information, visit www.upliftindia.com or write to us at info@kalelogistics.in.

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