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yellow square Transport Logistics: Past, Present, and Predictions

In this book ‘Past, Present & Predictions’ 40-year industry veteran Issa Baluch examines transport logistics innovations in great projects of the past, analyzes the challenges of today’s dynamic industry, and shares his vision for its possibilities in the future.

Transport Logistics first presents ten case studies of historical projects that demanded careful transport logistics management. It surveys a wide variety of projects, some of them successes and some of them failures.

For example:
yellow arrow Building the Great Pyramid in Egypt required careful project management and innovative transport    methods to bring 2.3 million blocks to the building site.
yellow arrow The transport logistics practiced in the Berlin Airlift helped defuse a diplomatic stand-off which could have    resulted in a third world war.
yellow arrow Military operations during the Second Punic War, the Battle of Stalingrad, and the Falklands (Malvinas)    War required the mobilization and transport of resources (human and otherwise) on a massive scale.
yellow arrow Humanitarian emergencies, such as the one experienced in the wake of the South Asian tsunami,    demand close co-operation among aid agencies to procure, transport, and distribute food, water, and    shelter in volatile and challenging situations.
yellow arrow Whether these projects were related to construction, engineering, military actions, or humanitarian relief,    they all required transport logistics and placed great demands on logistics managers.

Transport Logistics

yellow square Transport Logistics: The Wheel of Commerce

The second part of the book examines various aspects of today’s dynamic freight logistics industry, including the changing role of the freight forwarder. With the development of IT-based supply chain integration and value-added service offerings, the freight forwarder is being forced to evolve, or else risk extinction. In addition, ensuring cargo security has become an irreversible part of the forwarder’s responsibility to customers and other supply chain partners.

In this much-anticipated second volume on transport logistics, industry veterans Issa Baluch and Charles Edwards make a compelling case for the starring role of transportation and logistics on the world’s economic and social stage.

The Wheel of Commerce examines the impact of the 2008 recession on the industry, and presents remarkable case studies of 11 countries, including six in Africa, that are developing infrastructure to move goods from their raw states through manufacturing, and to support imports and exports.

In this far-reaching and authoritative look at transport logistics, industry veterans Issa Baluch and Charles Edwards show how the complex systems of moving and delivering goods all over the world – in all kinds of weather and over all types of obstacles – an boost the economies of countries large and small, fully developed or struggling to get there.

In the book’s third and final section, Mr. Baluch looks at the future of the transport logistics industry, which will continue to evolve as a result of globalization, the digitalization of information, new technologies, rising energy costs, and changing trade patterns. He also presents railways as the ecofriendly freight solution of the future, especially in the Middle East and Africa.

Transport Logistics concludes with an emphasis on the importance of training and the role of national and international associations in developing a culture of quality, security, and innovation in the freight logistics profession.



yellow square About the Author

Issa Baluch is credited with pioneering the thriving sea-air combined transport freight business in the UAE. He holds a Master of Business degree from the University of Hull (U.K.) and has completed numerous aviation, transport, and freight logistics programs. Baluch was invited by the Harvard University to take part in the Advanced Leadership Initiative Program, which eventually made him a fully-fledged Senior Fellow in 2011.

In 1989, he founded Swift Freight International, which quickly gained a reputation as one of the top freight logistics providers in Middle East and Africa.

Baluch was president of the Dubai-based National Association of Freight and Logistics from 1992-2000, and was again re-elected to the post and served from 2010 to 2011. He serves on the Board of Directors of the International Federation of Freight Forwarders’ Associations (president, 2003-2005) and The International Air Cargo Association. He has served on the Advisory Board of Dubai Logistics City, and the Marketing Committee of Dubai Flower Centre.

For his outstanding services to the international air cargo industry, Baluch has so far received two Lifetime Achievement awards: in 2006 presented by Air Cargo News UK, and in 2013 presented by STAT Trade Times.

He is currently engaged in projects in Africa concerning agriculture, as well as oil and gas, in conjunction with the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He also works as an industry consultant, providing counsel and advice to supply chain organizations around the world.

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