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Operating a Global Temperature Controlled Supply Chain
-White Paper sponsored by Cold Chain IQ

Executive Summary

The size of the global pharmaceutical supply chain is growing rapidly. With the increase of outsourcing and offshoring there are now more players than ever before in the distribution chain.

Ensuring the safe storage and distribution of temperature sensitive materials remains a constant challenge for the pharmaceutical industry.
This report looks at the technologies and strategies the industry is employing to leverage partnerships and streamline processes in their supply chains of temperature sensitive products.

Over the past year Cold Chain IQ and Pharma IQ conducted individual interviews with over 100 experts from all stages of the pharmaceutical and medical devices distribution chain from logistics to quality assurance, regulators to manufacturers. In this report we share their daily challenges and how they are seeking to overcome these.

With an uncertain global economic landscape, key concerns for professionals included adhering to regulations, building value into the supply chain and implement cost-effective strategies and solutions.

Against this backdrop, Cold Chain IQ set out to examine the current challenges of operating a global pharmaceutical temperature controlled
supply chain and where it is heading in 2020, with the following questions in mind:

• What is the biggest risk in establishing a logistical partnership?
• Which BRIC country represents the biggest opportunity?
• What place does horizontal collaboration have in the pharmaceutical supply chain?
• What steps are companies taking to improve service levels in their cold supply chain?
• Where is the most innovation taking place in the pharmaceutical supply chain?

During 2011Cold Chain IQ conducted several online surveys with the industry looking at investment levels in the temperature controlled supply chain and key challenges faced by professionals on which many of the findings in this report are based.

This report also incorporates the findings of the SCA live polling session conducted with 300+ logistics and QA professionals at IQPC’s 11th
Cool Chain Logistics Europe event.


Overview of Temperature Controlled Logistics in 2012

Background to the 11th Annual Cool Chain Logistics Europe survey

In February 2012 a live poll was carried out at IQPC’s 11th Cool Chain Logistics Europe event attendees from the temperature controlled
logistics and quality assurance community were invited to participate.

The poll’s respondents represented all areas of the healthcare supply chain. The largest majority of respondents’ products were branded pharmaceuticals 29%, followed by biopharmaceuticals 23%, healthcare distribution on behalf of another company 16%, clinical supplies and IMPs 11%, medical device and diagnostics 7% generics and OTC products at 3% respectively.

Priorities for the temperature assured supply chain

A majority of respondents 69% reported that reducing or preventing product deviations and excursions as one of their top three priorities in
the temperature assured distribution supply chain.

As regulatory scrutiny increases and companies face increased cost pressures in the current economic climate other key
priorities were ensuring compliance with good distribution practice (GDP) regulations and cost reduction within the supply chain, both with 29%.of respondents.

To read more download the pdf:
CCIQ - Report Operating a Cold Chain

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