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CRFFN is empowered by Act No. 16 of 2007 to regulate and control the practice of freight forwarding and promote the highest standard of competence, practice and conduct amongst practitioners, ensuring professionalism and best ethical practice.

Registration with CRFFN is mandatory for persons, organizations and associations involved with freight forwarding in Nigeria.

Register NOW and be inducted! Get your RFF number – your passport to practice.

- Production of Maiden Register of freightt forwarders in the Country.
- Introduction of Training programmes in FFreight Forwarding in accredited Training Institutions across the    country.
- Made Regulations published in the Federaal Republic of Nigeria Official Gazette No. 48, Vol. 97
- Commencement of Enforcement by the Counccil, amongst others.
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Sir Mike Jukwe

yellow square Preamble:
The contributions of Freight Forwarding to the growth of any nation’s economy cannot be over–emphasized. Over the years, Freight Forwarding practitioners have been at the center of international trade, liaising with importers and exporters on one hand and the Customs on the other to ensure that goods are cleared from the Ports within reasonable time and cost, as well as in enhancing the customs revenue earnings of the nation. The Council for the Regulation of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria (CRFFN) was established by the CRFFN Act No. 16 of 2007, as a practitioners’ regulatory Council. The Council is charged with the responsibility to regulate and control the practice as well as organize and structure the activities of persons, organizations and associations operating the freight forwarding business. The Council is being supervised by the Federal Ministry of Transport.

yellow square Vision:
Our vision is to become Nigeria’s leading transport voice committed to the development of a modern globally competitive Freight Forwarding system in the country.

yellow square Mission Statement:
Our Council is dedicated to achieving sustainable economic development in the national interest through responsible transport initiatives in Freight Forwarding development and management.

yellow square Milestones:
Amongst the many achievements of the Council from 2009 to date, are:

(1) Five Regulations were produced and published in the Federal Republic of Nigeria Official Gazette number 48, Vol. 97 issued in Lagos on 9th July, 2010 namely

(i) The CRFFN Act (Organs and officers of the Council);
(ii) The CRFFN Act (Registration of Freight Forwarders);
(iii) The CRFFN Act (Annual Subscription and Other Fees);
(iv) The CRFFN Act (Accreditation of Associations of Freight Forwarders) and
(v) The CRFFN Act (Professional Misconduct and Discipline) Regulations, 2010.

(2) Another five Regulations have been produced to be soon published in the Federal Republic of Nigeria Official Gazette, namely

(i) The CRFFN Act (Standard Trading Conditions) Regulations, 2012;
(ii) The CRFFN Act (Nigerian Institute of Freight Forwarders) Regulations, 2012;
(iii) The CRFFN Act (Accredited Training Programmes and Institutions)
(iv) The CRFFN Act (Accredited Training Courses and Programmes) Regulations, 2012 and the
(v) CRFFN Act (Annual Subscription and Other Fees Amendment) Regulations, 2012 as amended in accordance with the approved “Transaction Fees” granted by the Honourable Minister of Transport.

(3) Registration commenced in March, 2010 leading to the production of the maiden Register of Freight Forwarders on 1st February, 2012 after the first induction on 28th January, 2012 of 1,435 individuals, 405 corporate practitioners and 2 Associations of Freight Forwarders (Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) and National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF). The Register is updated every three months and as at 31st December, 2013 we have registered 1,224 individuals, 515 corporate practitioners and 5 Associations of Freight Forwarders, namely: ANLCA, NAGAFF, Nigerian Association of Air Freight Forwarders and Consolidators ((NAFFAC), National Council of Managing Directors of Licensed Customs Agents (NCMDLCA) and Association of Registered Freight Forwarders, Nigeria (AREFFN) who are qualified and allowed to practice freight forwarding in Nigeria. Over 5,000 applications were received but only those who went through physical verification and met the set criteria were registered. While inducted freight forwarders take Oath of Allegiance and Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics, the Associations through their Presidents take Oath of Allegiance and receive Operating Guidelines. In tandem with the CRFFN Act, the inductee Registered Freight Forwarder is qualified to use the title “Registered Freight Forwarder (RFF)” as well as have his or her name published in the Register of Freight Forwarders. As a professional, the Registered Freight Forwarder is also to be known and addressed as “Forwarder” (Fwdr.), for example, “Fwdr. Hakeem Olanrewaju, RFF”.

(4) CRFFN in 2010 was admitted to represent Nigeria in the World Body of Freight Forwarders, the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA).

(5) CRFFN was in 2010 also admitted into the World Body of Air–Freight Forwarders, The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA).

(6) CRFFN has therefore been attending international events to launder the image of not only freight forwarding but the entire nation, Nigeria. CRFFN and by extension Nigeria is today held in high esteem in these World Bodies and in freight forwarding worldwide.

(7) CRFFN has accredited the Certificate in Freight Forwarding and Executive Diploma in Freight Forwarding developed jointly by the Nigerian Institute of Transport Technology, Zaria and the Nigerian Institute of Freight Forwarders (NIFF) – introduced for the first time.

(8) CRFFN has established the NIFF as the professional body of freight forwarders in Nigeria so as to build capacity for individual practitioners.

(9) CRFFN has accredited one tertiary Institution in each of the six geo–political zones, additional one in Delta State and five in Lagos State (total of fourteen) to offer education and training in freight forwarding and supply chain management in Nigeria. Accreditation of training institutions is ongoing.

(10) CRFFN has established the Freight Forwarders Investigation Panel as well as the Freight Forwarders Disciplinary Tribunal which were inaugurated by the Honourable Attorney General of the Federation and Minister of Justice on 30th April, 2011.

(11) CRFFN has established the Freight Forwarders Consultative Forum (FFCF) comprising of representatives of all Stakeholders as an advisory body.

(12) CRFFN has established Enforcement Unit. The Officers are regularly trained and equipped for the assignment.

(13) Sensitization of Stakeholders on enforcement has been successfully carried out.

(14) Training of CRFFN Registered Freight Forwarders by the World Cargo Alliance of Logistics Networks in Kenya from 5th to 9th December, 2010.

(15) Participation of some Members of the Governing Council in the World Customs Organization’s Knowledge Academy for Customs and Trade in Brussels, Belgium from 27th June to 8th July, 2011.

(16) Retreats/Training programmes held for Members of the Governing Council in Dakar, Senegal from 21st to 27th November, 2011. Retreat/Training Programmes were also held for the Junior Staff in Lokoja, Kogi State from 9th to 11th December and the for Senior Staff in Calabar, Cross River State from 16th to 19th December, 2011.

(17) A meeting of Chief Executive Officers’ of all Practitioners’ Regulatory Councils in Nigeria was convened for the first time in Nigeria by CRFFN in April, 2012. The meeting aimed at providing the forum and platform for the Chief Executives to meet to compare notes and exchange ideas on how best to deliver on their individual mandates and attendant challenges which are common to all of them.

(18) The Freight Forwarders Standard Service Charge with a Billing Template as well as Categorization of Freight Forwarders in their areas of specialization will soon be approved.

(19) The Group Insurance Policy for Registered Freight Forwarders approved by the Governing Council in 2010 will commence in 2014.

(20) Three Training-Of-Trainers (TOT) programmes in Freight Forwarding were held for the first time in Nigeria in 2012 after which Nigeria’s Professional Diploma in Freight Forwarding and Supply Chain Management to be issued by FIATA was accredited in USA in October, 2012. The Diploma Programme is introduced in Nigeria for the first time.

(21) Similarly, three Training-Of-Trainers (TOT) programmes in Supply Chain Management were held for the first time in Nigeria in 2013 after which Nigeria’s Professional Higher Diploma in Supply Chain Management to be issued by FIATA was accredited in Singapore in October, 2013. The Higher Diploma Programme is introduced in Nigeria for the first time.

(22) CRFFN in conjunction with the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) will soon come up with the National Diploma and Higher Diploma in Freight Forwarding while the accredited Universities to offer degree courses in Freight Forwarding will be approaching the National Universities Commission for accreditation.

(23) CRFFN has secured the recognition of the National Council on Transport in 2013 for the FIATA professional Diploma and Higher Diploma in Freight Forwarding and Supply Chain Management respectively.

(24) CRFFN has also secured the recognition of the National Council on Transport in 2013 for the participation of indigenous freight forwarders in Government projects with freight forwarding component in line with the Local Contents Act to boost National economy.

(25) The 2013 CRFFN Management and Staff Retreat/Training programme was held in Makurdi, Benue State from 6th to 9th December, 2013.

With all these measures and programmes in place, it is expected that the practice of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria will eventually be repositioned for the much needed employment and wealth creation that will ultimately impact positively on national growth and progress.

yellow square Contact

Head Office, Lagos:
Freight Forwarders Headquarters
No. 2 Balogun Bisi Omidiora Street
(Formerly Hinderer Road) GRA Apapa

E-mail: mjukwe@crffn.gov.ng
Mobile: 08037370471, 08036332000

For more information visit www.crffn.gov.ng

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