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Sourcing Narrow & Medium Wide-Body Freighters
- Cargo Aircraft Management

yellow square Cargo Aircraft Management, Inc.

Cargo Aircraft Management, Inc. (CAM), a wholly owned subsidiary of ATSG provides ecient and personalized service to customers in need of medium wide-body or narrow-body freighter aircraft.

CAM’s technical sta averages more than 30 years of experience focused on aircraft operations, maintenance, and cargo conversion, so we can help our lessees determine which model aircraft and weight best ts their economic payload and range needs. We also can help them get started operating the aircraft and can provide competitively priced maintenance support through aliates that operate and maintain the largest 767-200SF eet today. CAM leases thirty-six 767-200SF aircraft, fourteen 727 freighters, two 757-200, four 767-300ERSF aircraft, and eighteen DC-8 freighters.

CAM has already assisted lessees in adding the 767-200SF to ve operating certicates: two through the FAA, and three through international aviation authorities.

CAM can provide aircraft with a wide arrange of weight capabilities, engine powers, avionics packages, and cargo loading congurations tailored specically to the needs of the operator. This customization conguration allows the customer to avoid paying for something that is not necessary to their operation and enables them to use the aircraft to their ultimate economic advantage.

CAM has been expanding its eet of 767-200SF freighters each quarter and is the world’s largest lessor of this aircraft type. Our latest 767-200SF freighter is scheduled for re-delivery soon and is available beginning in Q1 2012. Additionally, our fth and sixth 767-300ER freighters will be available beginning in July and August of 2012.

If you need a medium wide-body or narrow-body freighter, there is no better source than Cargo Aircraft Management.

yellow arrow List of Customization Features

• Five Loading Congurations on 767s
• Engine & Military Pallet Carriage Capability
• Engine Power-by-Hour Services
• CF6-80C2B6 Power On 300s
• CF6-80A or A2 Power On 200s
• Component Exchange Program
• Euro Nav & Flat Panel Display
• Pegasus FMC and GPS Upgrade
• Flyaway Kits for Lease or Purchase
• Wet to Dry Lease Option
• EASA, ANAC Certification

yellow square ABX Air

Formed in 1980, ABX Air grew rapidly to become part of the third largest air express company in the United States. A subsidiary of Airborne Express, ABX Air ew all the freight for Airborne as well as managed the process of sorting millions of pieces of freight each day. Diversifying and taking advantage of skills developed over the decades, ABX Air now provides contract services for many customers in several capacities.

Aircraft are deployed for a myriad of customers throughout the U.S., Central America, South America, Caribbean, Europe, Africa and Mexico. ABX Air ies charter routes for customers in Miami, Florida; Los Angeles, Calif.; and JFK; and has route authority to y into Mexico.

Excellent maintenance reliability of the aircraft allows an airline to more predictably plan for routine maintenance as well as maintain fewer spare aircraft. ABX Air made a commitment to aircraft maintenance early on and has developed one of the best reliability records in the industry.

Keeping an airline lying and operational in any weather is a tall task. ABX Air has an experienced and dedicated workforce that allows it to excel at keeping it commitments to customers.

Our ABX Air team of charter professionals takes pride in satisfying our customers. We share the same sense of urgency that you do, while understanding and amplifying the concept as well as delivering on-time service performance. We have the capability to ship practically anything to practically anywhere, safely and reliably. How? By developing long-term and short-term ACMI and ACMI-F contract relationships. ACMI contracts are agreements in which ABX Air supplies the customer with Aircraft, Crew, Maintenance, and Insurance. ACMI-F provides the above-mentioned items plus fuel. With over 30 years of experience and the use of our B767 freighter eet, we are able to fulll both domestic and international needs.

yellow arrow Key Attributes

• FAA Part 121 Air Carrier
• Hazardous Materials Certification
• IATA Compliant
• 24-Hour Flight Monitoring
• Stage III Noise Compliant
• Professional Loadmasters
• Airport to Airport Services
• Cat III Landing
• IOSA Certified
• JCAS Certified

yellow arrow Flight Support

With over 20 years of around-the-clock ight training experience for a large Part 121 jet eet, we oer a level of expertise and support unrivaled in the business. All ABX Air ight training personnel are qualied ground instructors with line experience.

• Flight Simulators
Available at highly competitive lease rates, full-motion ight simulators for the DC-9 and 767-200 are available to meet your training requirements. One hour of introductory instructor training on simulator operation is provided at no charge.

• Ground Training
Certied Ground Instructors teach the Ground Training classes using textbooks, computer generated images, computer-based systems simulations, video presentations, and include visits to the actual aircraft to emphasize systems understanding.


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